Fragments - Dan Wells I hate when this happens. I loved Partials, more than Fragments because it was the start of the new world but Fragments ended up being a big pile of walking around the country and some characters were having the same discussions every few chapters which was tiresome.

Kira leaves her home to find the cure for RM. She finds an IT expert who will help her with the ParaGen computers. They stumble on Samm and Heron along the way. They need to trust each other if they want to find the cures for partials and humans.

Kira is still trying to come to terms she's not human, but a partial. I admire her strength and persistence. She is one of those main characters who always want to do the right thing, even if it comes back to haunt them. But her stubbornness was also the thing which got her in so many additional problems, which also annoyed me.

While Kira is having trouble accepting the fact she's not entirely human, Sam is trying to break out of his shell and start sharing his feeling not only through the link but also with his words and body language. I wasn't sure if he had any feelings towards Kira but around 80% of the book we finally get a glimpse into his mind after a girl tries to maul him. xD

I'm not happy about this book. It took so long for things to start happening. If you look at how many pages this book has, it's crazy! 564 pages! I'm not happy with it! And I wasn't even reading it. I was listening to the audio version which was 16 hours long. *head desk*

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