The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon 4.5 stars

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I knew writing a review for this book would be hard even before I started reading it. Just look at that long summary. I mean, how I am going to summarize everything that's been going on in a 480 pages long book? I'm going to try so bear with me.

Not everyone who picks up The Bone Season will love it. It has a lot of infodumping which I surprisingly didn't mind at all. It's set in England in 2059. But it's not your regular England. Everything changed 200 years ago when Rephaim arrived. People started living in a cross between Victorian era and the futuristic world where some have special powers.

Paige herself has a power. She can invade other people's minds and 'push' them out which essentially means, they would be dead. Her power is extremely rare so she had to find protection with choosing to join a gang filled with voyants (people with powers). One night she accidentally kills a man and is captured. She ends up a prisoner in a closed out city, serving Rephaim who use voyants to fight their battles for them.

Paige trains alongside Warden, who is one of the highest ranking Rephaim. Warden is trying to help Paige master her power. Wish we found out more about Warden's past, before Paige arrived. He's one of those strong, silent type of characters so it's hard to tell what's on his mind.

The only 'bad' thing I could say is that the romance was unnecessary. Shannon should've set it aside for the sequel. It came really late in the book without any noticeable bulidup. There was a lot of talk about trusting each other so their romantic feeling came out of nowhere. They should've remained friends so I could have the pleasure of reading about them falling in love later on.

If you love to read books where you can actually picture how the whole world runs then you CAN'T miss The Bone Season. It's one of the hottest books in 2013 and I can't wait to see it on one of my shelves.