The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines image


It's time to write this review. Oh man,I want to barf. If you thought Breathe sucked check this 'jewel' out.

It started out great:Chick's(Ashton) boyfriend(Sawyer) goes on some motherfu***ng mountain trip and leaves her all alone with her her stupid religious parents and what's a girl to do than to rekindle her friendship with a towns bad boy(Beau)... Anyway,she hooks up with Beau and when I say she hoops up i mean-the preacher's daughter f***s him in his truck or outside on the grass,I don't remember where it happened. Some relatives come to stay with her family and she can't stop whinning how bitchy her cousin is even though the girl is the most reasonable character in the whole freaking book. She even helps the c**t to choose one guy and lets go of the other. After her boyfriend comes back from camping and eventually finds out about the cheating the whole freaking school bullies her a** and the perfect-now-ex-boyfriend who is by Ashton's 'common' sense not in fact perfect(what a shocker!) does nothing and lets people lynch the stupid cheating whore while Beau is missing. He left so he could deal the fact that his stripper mother had sex with Saw's dad. He and Sawyer are brothers?! *gasps* Moving on... Eventually he also comes back and Ashton is all hot and ready for some bad boy loving. He beats up Sawyer because he didn't defend Ashton against the peeps in school. Sawyer,a question for you:Why didn't you defend your cheating ex girlfriend? *sarcasm* I actually don't see anything wrong in his actions but Beau is a dumb hick who resolves his problems with fists. i totaly didn't see the ending coming: C**t and the hick end up together. And the bi*** says something about their love could last forever and she could see them happily marries. Awww.

Hey,Ashton,this one goes to you!


This review was supposed to be longer but my ereader crashed with all the highlighted stupid parts. I suppose that happened because there were so many lousy parts and so many inserted comments-by me and the poor thing could take no more of the torture.