That Boy - Jillian Dodd I am surprised this girl was a virgin after she finished college. I mean she flirted,made out with full speed. She was like a Ferrari. LOL

The beginning was so sweet but the second half of the book was just a little bit too over the top for me. I don't understand how can she hook up with her best friend Danny? She said when he looses a game(he playes football,DUH!)she goes and makes him feel better. WTF?! I would never do that! What kind of a person is she? Plus her parents die in the beginning and I was like Umm...What the hell just happen? She was at a party where her boyfriend showed up with an another girl(and she is obviously a slut,God forbid she is a nice person) so Danny wants to make out with JJ-our main character to make Jake(boyfriend) jealous. While Danny and Jake exchange some punches image LOL I just had to do it
Phillip(another best friend) gets JJ out of there and she is hella pissed. So they get a phone call and it turns out her parents died in a car crash. But I didn't even care if this JJ broad died. If I could describe this book in one word it would be MEH. Is that even a word?