Good Oil - Laura Buzo Good Oil is a book about normal teenage stuff and there is no drama(thank God for that).
Amelia and Chris are realistic characters. Youngster-as Chris calls her is just another fifteen-year-old who is starting to grow up. She has dreams and hopes,like we all did at that age. And there is Chris,twenty-one-year-old who still lives with his parents. His friends are abandoning him and doing 'mature' things while he is still at uni,working and getting pissed on weekends. Still he is such a cutie pie. I want to be friends with him. All the guys I hang out with are immature while Chris talks to Amelia about feminism,books and writes a journal (guys write journals and girls write diaries) since he was a teenager. *sigh* I know,I know,he is not real but a girl can't help and dream.
It gets only 3 stars because of that ending and there were some boring parts in the middle.