Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry I love HarlequinTEEN! Thank God for auto-approval!


2.5 stars

I really wanted to love this book because I've been waiting for it for months. The first third of the book wasn't that bad but then it got super dramatic. Like in those soup operas.

Echo used to be popular,well-liked smart young lady but after an accident that happened 2 years ago she hasn't been the same. Somehow she still managed to remain "friends" with the popular crowd. The only unique thing about Echo was her name. When she wasn't depressed she was yelling at people or crying or pulling down her sleeves.

Noah was a bad boy who's parents died in a fire and now he is trying to get custody on his 2 little brothers. While reading I had a feeling he is a cousin of Fuentes bros.or something like that because sometimes he would say the cheesiest things while talking to girls.

Together they were not a match made in heaven-IMO. I wish they spend more time getting to know each other. On second thought,they seemed to know a lot about each other. So my issue with them was I just didn't feel the connection even though both of them had been through a lot.