Pulse - Kailin Gow So...Guess what? I am not impressed with Pulse. It felt like a bad The Vampire Diaries rip-off.
There are these two guys,pardon vampires that are in love with Kalina(hmmm,author has a similar name and also this girl-Kalina is half Chinese. Here I got the same vibe as Stephanie Meyer used herself to describe Bella,so annoying.) Everything seems so rushed. At least it takes L.J.Smith almost a whole book to two people to kiss. Here it happens almost at the beginning. Later on Kalina is making out with the other brother,poor girl she can't choose which one she loves more(Even though they know each other for like 5 days).
There is this one scene where she is making out with...what's his name,oh yeah Stuart(the good brother) and she passes out for like 2 days. WTF was that all about? So now we know he is her boyfriend for sure. Oh,what just happened she had sex with the other brother,Jaegar(?!). As you can tell he is the bad boy*yawn*. And check this out:there is this Roman general Octavius(he is like the oldest vamp ever)and he wants Kalina too. I wanted to scream!
It really pisses me off when...I don't know...the whole book was a mess.