Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles *before reading*


*after reading*

So,I gotta say Chain Reaction is a huge disappointment. It lacked that 'spark' previous two had. I did not like Luis and Nikki. I couldn't felt their love for each other. I didn't enjoy them as much as I did Alex & Brittany and Carlos & Kiera. :(
Luis was too much of a good boy for me to even think about him as a person who would join a gang.
Nikki,what to say about Nikki? I had a feeling she was depressed all the time. Where is the sassy Latina? And suddenly(near the end)her behavior changes drastically when she's like I'm gonna fight for my man.

After I was done with this book the only thing I kept thinking was How am I going to rate this one? I couldn't be one of those people who rate all the book from series/trilogy 5 stars just because they feel loyal to the author or something like that. I refuse!