Playing Tyler - T. L. Costa Tyler's suffering from ADHD but he refuses to take medication because his brother a heroin addict and he's seen what it can do. He's not doing great in school and the only thing bringing him happiness is playing computer games. He gets an offer he can't refuse and start helping Rick, former pilot with his secret government job, piloting a drone which is flying over Middle East and getting rid of terrorists.

Ani is one of the best gamers in the world and she was the one who designed the drone program. Tyler and Ani have an instant connection and they start dating even though it's against the rules. Ani soon starts noticing some strange activities within the program and shares the news with Tyler. Together they try to get out of the mess they help build. But how can you fight a secret organization?

What I liked about Playing Tyler is the main character, Tyler. Since he's not good at school he works hard with the program. He needs to convince himself he is more than other people think he is. He is a fighter and I can't help but root for him to do well. Tyler and Ani were so sweet int he beginning of their relationship. Who hasn't had an awkward faze when they start seeing someone?

I would recommend this book to guys or people interested in the world of gamers and aviatics.

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