Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill Read this review and much more over at, YA Fanatic.

Every now and then I stumble upon a book which makes me melt into a sweet puddle what used to be a cotton candy. It's not gross so don't give me that face! In fact, it's just the best thing one could read after being emotional drained by some other book.

Meant to Be, or MTB as Julia calls it, is a way of life. She found her 'One' and their life is perfectly planned out. There's just one tiny problem. He just needs to notice her. Everything changes during her ten-day trip where she's forced to think if MTB is the right way of living and if Mark, her MTB is the perfect guy for her, or is there someone else better.

The growing relationship between Book Licker, pardon, Julia and Jason was entertaining. She pretty much hated the guy since he is nothing like her. Julia is a stuck up nerd who plans everything, carries a calculator in her suitcase on a (math non-related) school trip and does not have fun while Jason is laid back, class clown who enjoys teasing Julia all the time. He's a huge flirt and Julia doesn't trust him.

It wasn't perfect but I will say this- Lauren Morrill just got herself another loyal reader. I will read anything this lady writes. Her characters remind me (a little) of Stephanie Perkins' wonderful characters. There's even a small similarity between Jason and Etienne, which I won't reveal, because you have to read it to find you.

What you need to know about Meant to Be is that it's funny. It doesn't have any special snarky remarks but the whole thing is just effortlessly funny I was awwing and oohhing throughout all +300 pages. If you're looking for something light and at the same time interesting to read then you should pick up Meant to Be.