Hidden - Sophie Jordan Ohhh Cassian... *sigh* You are too good for Jacinda!

This was my least favorite Firelight book. It's not because Jacinda doesn't end up with Cassian but because she annoyed me. She was all over the place. You know, she has a boyfriend, Will? But she still has the audacity to be jealous when Cassian talks to Tamra, even though she's mostly saying how he loves her just because she's a firebreather and the most desirable dragon. Oh, please.

And what about Will? Did she forget he's a hunter and his job is to hunt and KILL dragons? Sure, he didn't kill anyone but he's guilty by association.

Then there's Tamra and her new guy. Oops, forgot his name. D-something. He's like Hey,baby. What's happening? *wiggles eyebrows* And she goes Why are you staring at me? *runs away* .... *comes back* I like you. Let's make dragon babies!