Torched - Andrea Colt Oh,wow. This book came as a huge surprise! I had no idea it would be so good. Last week, I was looking for books bellow 300 pages I could read, just so I can catch up with my GR reading challenge so I choose Torched because it seemed like a cute book about working with your enemy who would turn out to be a really great guy.

Aww... I love Rose as the main character because she is basically what every main character should be like. She is dealing well with the fact everyone hates her for the fire she didn't set. She doesn't spend hours in her room crying but with the help of Paxton, her hot neighbour goes looking for the real person who did it. They've been pulling pranks on each other since they were kids and I couldn't help but sigh every time these two got into an argument, or talked, or whenever.

Andrea Lynn Colt! You better write something new soon. I need more of your awesome characters and cute plot lines. I will read everything you write.

I wrote this review so I can persuade my friends to pick it up because they won't be wasting their time. Dear friends, please, pleeeasseeee read Torched. It will make me so happy. Everyone needs to read a good fluffy book from time to time.