Vain - Fisher Amelie I must admit this blurb got my attention. Who doesn’t want to read a book with a girl who doesn’t care who she hurts and does whatever she wants?

Sophie Price is a privileged girl who’s had pretty much everything expect real love. Her parents ignore her and are only concerned about their image. It makes Sophie rebel and tries to make others feel as miserable as she feels. Most of the people probably would give up after reading the first couple of chapters because she is truly a horrible to everyone. She didn’t only hurt other, but also herself. I stuck around because I knew she would change eventually and I was surprised how quickly she started to evolve into a decent person.

So, Sophie gets into trouble with the law and gets shipped to Africa. There she starts working in an orphanage and meets Ian. Ian has been working in the orphanage for long time and immediately challenges Sophie to wake up and starts doing something with her life. I’m glad she quickly picked up the pieces of her shattered life because she was obviously ready to change herself. She just needed a little push from the people who care about her. I really like the bond Sophie made with the little girl, Mandisa. It warmed my cold heart.

The biggest surprise of this novel is that the characters didn’t annoy me. I often have that problem even if I end up liking the book. Sophie is a reasonable girl with problems she carried for years but she did changed her life without doing any more damage while trying like some other characters do in other novels.

Romance between Sophie and Ian was so sweet and genuine. They didn’t get together fast but took time to get to know each other better which made me really happy. Where can I get a guy like Ian? Do I have to go to Africa?

I recommend this book to those who want to read a story about doing the right thing and great characters.

I would like to thank Fisher for including me in her blog tour and sending a copy of her book to me via Amazon.

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