Wallbanger - Alice Clayton image

Wow. So many comments about not reading Wallbanger and the connection it has with Twilight. You people are so cool for not reading this book because it's a Twilight fan-fiction. You are better than the rest of us,right? Wrong! You suck because you will not experience this wonderful story just because you have issues with that book.

Alice,I`ve loved your Readhead books and once again,you didn`t disappoint. You are such a great storyteller. Don`t know which I loved more,Redhead or Wallbanger.

I liked Caroline and Simon but the cat-Clive was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! And to get his POV in the end was so sweet. OMG I adore him. I even went and told my mum about it. Though I did gloss over the part where he attacks Simon, how he is in love with Purina,er Nadia. I had a feeling like he is a person,rather than a cat.

This might sound silly,but I don`t care. I`m giving this book 5 stars. Because all of those scenes that made me laugh at loud, the sexy times that were sexy with a + and mostly because of Clive.