Broken - Megan Hart What to say about this book without sounding like a judgemental bitch?

Before I finished this one I read Me Before You. Whoever read that book knows what it can do. If I had to compare these two I would have to say Me Before You is so much better.

Sadie's life pretty much sucks. She has to take care of her disabled husband. She finds comfort in Joe and his exciting sex life. I didn't like his little stories because I knew they are going to eventually end up together and frankly I think it was a stupid move to share such stories with your future girlfriend or whatever. And I didn't see the appeal in Joe. Sure he knows how to make every woman come but that is not the most important thing in life. Adam,the husband was a more interesting character even though he is disabled,so who cares about him,right? It's not like he can have sex. Maybe I shouldn't read this book right after J.Moyes amazing novel.

Plus,the cover freaks me out. I feel like this pedo is trying to molest a girl.

I am sorry,Glass. This just wasn't for me.