Supernaturally - Kiersten White Supernaturally is not as good as Paranormalcy was.

I loved Evie in Paranormalcy – really didn't like her much this time. The strong, kick-bleep female lead was replaced with a whiny, lying, annoying female lead. In the first book, she was great. Here? She makes a lot of stupid decisions, mostly regarding her relationship with Lend. Speaking of which, what happened? Lend lost so much of his charm, and his relationship with Evie fell flat. Thankfully, she faced consequences for her actions instead of walking away scot free, but I don't think she was punished enough.

Reth,Jack and Arianna were the best thing in this book. Others were just annoying.

The ending of the book was a little abrupt for me. I thought there'd be something more. But there were definitely some unanswered questions that I expect answered in the next book.