The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Before I start writing the review I need to point something out. The cover for Bloodlines and The Golden Lily should be switched. Why? On every cover we have Sydney and someone else. So, IMO Jill should have been on the Bloodlines one and Adrian should be on the The Golden Lily because that way the cover would match its storyline.

I didn’t started reading this book with high expectations cause I was disappointed with the first instalment. Maybe I expected it would be like Vampire Academy which I adore. Maybe I wanted Sydney to be more like Rose. But VA days are over (for now).

What is new in this book? Well. Sydney has her own room now. Angeline is staying with Jill. Adrian is having trouble with accepting the fact Dimitri and Sonya are doing their research at his place. Also, it seems like Sydney and Adrian are spending more time together and are getting along pretty well considering they are two very different individuals. But if you look closely, you can tell they have similar problems-with their fathers. They are insecure and feel misunderstood.

Sydney made me laugh a couple of times. She would say so funny things with a straight face I couldn’t help myself and crack up. She is still on a diet even though she is size 4. I can’t remember when I…nevermind. Syd used to panic when others were talking about vampires but I feel like she is finally ready to call Jill, Eddie and Adrian her friends and not just vamps.

Jill was, ahh, well, Jill. Not much has changed about her since Bloodlines. She is still that girl who always has a boyfriend. The fact that she is 15 does not mean she should not use her brain. I swear, sometimes, she acts like a freaking monkey. She is all smiling-blushing- head-bowing bimbo.

As for Adrian. *sigh* My tortured prince. He surprised me. He has grown some serious balls. *snickers* He is trying to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. But it doesn’t always go smoothly. It’s a day by day battle. He is also working on his paintings. Who could be responsible for this improvement?

All in all, I was not disappointed The Golden Lily. It was slow paced and for once I had no problem with that fact. I enjoyed every scene. It was worth the wait.

No gifs. Are you surprised?