The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen Even though this is my first Sarah Dessen novel I feel like she is the YA version of Nicholas Sparks. Her novels could easily be made into movies. The plot just flows smoothly you never get to the part where you say Oh this is boring. She makes the most common things seem interesting. I can say with certainty that The Truth about Forever won’t be the last Dessen book I will read.

After her father’s death Macy is trying so hard to be the perfect daughter, sister and girlfriend. Her mother is always tied up in work, her boyfriend dumped her over an email and her now she is stuck doing a summer job she hates, just so she wouldn’t fail him. Everything changes when she meets Delia and her catering crew. She finally relaxes and slowly lets go of the sorrow. I read a bunch of reviews where people were nagging about how Macy couldn’t stood up for herself, but you know what? Everybody has had the same problem in their life. They say I am not going to let them push me around but it takes a lot of courage to finally put up a fight. So I had a lot of respect for Macy and she is a sort of person I would like to hang around with.

The romance was slow and came a little too late for my taste but I didn’t care much because Wes was such a sa-wooning character as the girls in this book say about him. He is an artist with a troubled and painful past.

If you are, like myself, a fan of Elizabeth Scott, Jennifer Echols, Jenny Han or any other YA contemporary author, you will enjoy books by Sarah Dessen.