The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa Oh,what have I done to this poor book? It's all scratched and smudged. Eww. I never did something like that because I take good care of my babies but sadly this one was the first to experience abuse from momma.

Well, Hallelujah! I actually finished it. It took me a long time. If it was any other book I would give up a long time ago. But I love me some vamps. They kick serious ass.

It was too slow for my taste. If I read it on my PlayBook it would get 2 star rating but because I actually spend money on the real thing I will cut it some slack. I even got an ARC but decided to wait and buy it like everyone else.

Alison was too serious for my taste. Zeke was a little preacher boy and I didn't like him even though people were saying how awesome he was. I didn't like him because he was too goodie-two-shoes for dystopian world. It was unrealistic. And the attraction between these two was non-existent. I disliked Ruth(duh). Kanin is the only interesting character.

I need the sequel! I need to find out what happened to Kanin. I hope he will kill that Smiley vamp who freaked me out and snatch Allie from Zeke. *evil grin*