Rapture (Fallen, #4) - Lauren Kate Let's go Luce and Cam! This needs to happen!



Fallen books are my guilty pleasure and I can't help and say I am so glad this books didn't suck. It so didn't!

I was expecting this whole boring story that would make me fall asleep. Sure,there were some less interesting parts. I struggled through the first half but then it quickly picked up and things were starting to make sense.

We learn more about Lucinda's connection with Lucifer,Daniel and Luce remain (too) cute and Cam is still a flawless God(pardon fallen angel) even though he didn't have as many scenes as I hoped he would have. We also see the almighty G.O.D. in flesh or in spirit,whatever you prefer. If you are worried that your favorite character might die,I can tell you that some people did actually diebut no one major.

We get a VA type of a happy ending and I shed some tears because there won't be more of these books. I do think Lauren should write a spin-off with Cam as a MC. I would definitely buy that and so would all Cam's fan girls. Also because I had a feeling we didn't actually see what happens to him in the epilogue. So please,Mrs./Ms.Kate write at least one book with this flawless devil. :D

There was this scene with Luce and her new roommate and her name was Nora. I am not joking. That is her name. I laughed so hard. For those who don't know who has the same name,I'll tell you. Nora is the name of the very stupid girl from Hush, Hush.

Rapture wasn't perfect but it is so much better than Passion which I never finished reading. I am so sad Fallen is over. I wish all the best to the author. Haters need to GTFA.

Goodbye to Lucinda,her man Daniel and to Cam,hopefully one day I will call him mine. It was a blast hanging out with you over these past few years.