Storm - Brigid Kemmerer We don't get one or two,we get four guys in one book! *sigh*

Well,that is how I felt before I actually read the book.

I was so angry at myself for putting up with this s***.

I want to Joffrey slap someone. They were all silly I can't even. image There. This slap goes for everyone except Gabriel. He was a trol and I loved him and his funny comments. Other characters were cardboard cut-outs. You have a hot leading guy(well they are all hot,so the leading dude wasn't anything special),brooding older brother with a ponytail,Gabriel The Trol and his twin-The Nerd. Oh,yeah,I almost forgot,there is a new mysterious emo/goth/new age guy in school.

imageThis triple slap goes for all the violence in this damn book. The brothers were fighting with everyone! Either it was with Seth,Tyler,Hunter or simply with each other. They were going at it all of the freaking time. Every chapter contains a storm(LOL at the title) or a fight. It was so frustrating.

One more thing. There was this scene in which were Becca and her BFF discussing hot guys. And they were saying something about Chris having sexy eyes and I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone will be like WHAT? about this comment but I just thought it was dumb to say a guy has sexy eyes. Seriously,I went out and googled it and there were only two pics of guys with sexy eyes(Gerard Way-who wears guy-liner and Edward Cullen O_o)Sure,a picture of Ian Somerhalder was somewhere at the bottom of the third page. He has to appear out of no where and ruin my point. Here is a little tip for all of you guys who want to have sexy eyes. LOL

Favorite quote: You are not stupid,Becca. I am.
This was so funny considering they are both stupid. And let me tell you why they are dumb. She is stupid hoe for getting wasted at a party and kissing several guys(which ruined her reputation) and he is stupid just because he fall for her all of the sudden. Say NO to insta-romance!

All in all this book was a complete waist of time. And I'm just gonna quote Gabriel This is bullshit.