Gabriel's Inferno - Sylvain Reynard So,I finished it. Oh,man. This book freaked me out.

First of all the guy is 10 years older than the girl. I am not a fan of such pairing but if the story is well put than I can get over that fact.

No,no,just no. I can`t get over it because the girl-Juliet or Julianne,who cares,is a major doormat. Bella has nothing on her. Now I get you are a virgin but I doubt virgins act like they are afraid of everything. While reading I had a feeling she will break or have a mental breakdown.

Gabriel was,um...Strange.

What about that sex scene? I was like shut the eff up and just do it already! They were talking through the whole damn thing. And Gabriel was like are you OK,Darling? He was a little creepy. I felt like he was this old dude having sex with a kid.