Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi image

How awesome was this book? Well,I am going to tell you. Pretty darn awesome!

I am not very good at convincing people to read the books I loved so I am going to write this review without any pressure.

Here are some arguments:

1. if you are (like myself) a fan of X-Men,you will love it,or else...

2. If you are (like myself) a fan of strong and smart leading character like Juliet,you will love it.

3. If you are (like myself) a fan of totally shagable and caring guy like Adam,you will love it.

4. If you are (like myself) a fan of crazy and demented bad guy who actually happens to be smoking hot(and in love with our girl Juliet),you will love it.

5. If you are (like myself) a fan of almost kissing or almost doing it scenes,then you will love it.

If that wasn't enough for you,than you have no soul suck.

I love the guys in this book. Adam has tattoos and muscles but Warner is also hot in a I-will-kill-you kind of way. He reminds me of hotter and more dangerous version of Tom Felton if that is even possible. I mean look at this




Is it getting hot in here,or is it just me?