Stay - Deb Caletti Well,this is what happened. I picked up this book and I just could't get into it. First night I just read 4 pages,the second night wasn't any better. But I was determined to finish it today even if it turned out to be awful. I was thinking I will have to give it 2 stars,I just know it... Then the shift came out of nowhere and I could't put it down.
The main character had this boyfriend Christian who was sweet but we already know he is a total psycho. He is controlling(checks her texts and e-mails),bipolar(obviously),jealous(of her friends and ´invisible future boyfriends´). And you want to scream to the girl Get the hell away from that guy,it will end badly! But our girl still thinks his only problem is his insecurity.
Unfortunately I had experience with this kind. It took me three and a half years to get rid of that manipulating relationship. Every time I tried to get out he would cry and beg,or he would yell at me and tell me that I am heartless and that I really never really loved him. So I stayed with him for so long,lost so many friends while I spend all my free time hanging with him and ignoring them on top of that my parents were so pissed at me for a reason I would rather not name. It is just so hard to let some people go.