The One That I Want - Jennifer Echols Jennifer Echols did it for the second time! I thought Love Story will be the only book I would be disappointed. The One That I Want reminds me of those Lauren Barnholdt books. It was sweet,but maybe a little bit too sweet for my taste. Sure it was written for younger teens and maybe I should stop the rant because,well,younger readers tend to eat up almost everything they read as long as there is some kissing involved. I should know,I was one of those kids.

We have your typical 'fat' girl who gets a hot body,good looking guy and a mean best friend that is NOT a friend at all. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I don't put up with shit from anybody so the main reason I didn't enjoyed this book was that Gemma (the main character) takes so much crap from her besty Addison I can't even... But like in all other 'happy ending books' she lets go of the leach and sails into the sunset with her beau.

I don't know,it just wasn't right for me. Maybe I should stick to Echols' romantic dramas.