Bloom - Elizabeth Scott I think Scott wrote this book to show the problems teenagers go through in high school. The book deals with relationships, divorced parents, friends and school. Scott displays these topics in a way that is relatable and interesting to the reader. I highly suggest this book.

The overall feel of this book was surprisingly complex. The romance view was fantastic; it was steamy without being graphic, it was sweet without being overtly so, it was understandable while being slightly incredible. Evan was a great character, as was Dave and pretty much all of the characters. I loved her relationship with her 'best friend' who really was there for Lauren even if she was blind to it for most of the novel. Gail, while not mentioned a lot until the latter part of the novel, was another great character, and she helped to move the story on well. Overall, Bloom was sweet, romantic, honest, and serious without being heavy.

4,5 Star rating(meaning I REALLY LIKED IT) is a good thing considering I often go for 1 or 2 stars. You know how easily I end up hating the book. :D So,this won't be the last Elizabeth Scott book I read. I just might start with Something, Maybe tonight.