Crave (Crave, #1) - Laura J. Burns,  Melinda Metz *WARNING,WARNING* *BRAT ALERT*

OMG! What a selfish MC! The most selfish,crazy,immature main character I have ever read about.

When I started to read I was like so Shay looks like the girl on the Sacrifice cover. Sacrifice But that in fact is not true. Here is her picture. image

YES! She is one of those teenage girls that whine and bitch about everything you want to punch in the face HARD. She calls herself Sick Girl,well you are sick Shay,sick in the head,that is. She makes out with her best friend's boyfriend and blames the world for her bad decisions. Any she makes plenty of those. She drinks,jumps into the river,makes out with another guy,than with the third. She "falls in love" with this guy(what's his name again?)Gabriel because he is fiiinee. And I don't know what possessed him to like this stupid girl. Maybe the Edward Cullen syndrome? I hear that is really popular these days.