Flat-Out Love - Jessica Park I am well aware people are going to hunt me down because I only gave this book a 3 star rating. Oh,well. Catch me if you can.

Julie moves in with Watkins family while she's attending college. The whole family is strange. Youngest child, Celeste is a withdrawn 13-year-old who talks better than some people twice her age. She carries and talks to a cut out of her oldest brother, Fin who is traveling around the world helping elephants and orphans. The middle child, Matt, pretty much takes care of his whole family. He is another genius offspring.

Since Finn is absent Julie sends him a Facebook friendship request and they start chatting which least to falling in love. I didn't paid much attention while reading this book till I got to the part with the Christmas tree which was after the first half. After that I was crushing on Matt, hard. Even though Finn was interesting I couldn't shake the feeling Julie should be in love with Matt. I was sighing a lot. He was such a sweet guy and it was obvious he likes Julie while she was clueless. Well, I was too, since I had no idea what was actually going on until Julie herself figured it out. And I am usually one of those people who pay attention to every single detail but in this case it was almost as if my brain stopped working.