Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake Thank you Anjana and Kendare for this awesome giveaway.

Won over at Kindle And Me.

What the hell was that ending? I had to read 170-180 bloody boring pages until there was an improvement with the story only to be stopped again because, surprise, surprise, nothing happened for the next hundred pages. It was all about waiting, sleeping, eating, washing dishes, that sort of things. Basically, the final confrontation with that dreadlock-wearing demon happened in the last 20 pages. And the ending was so abrupt. Stab-stab-kill-kill and poof... the end.

What a disappointment. Wish there is just [b:Anna Dressed in Blood|9378297|Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)|Kendare Blake||14261925]. I will erase this one from my memory. It won't be that hard.