Entangled - Cat Clarke What to say about this book and not to reveal too much? Well, it certainly will leave an impact on readers. Either you love it, like it, or dislike it. You will want to know what happened to Grace and how did she ended up trapped in a white room?

What you need to know about Grace is that she doesn’t know how to deal with pain so she finds the only way she always knew- fight pain with pan. She is suicidal and a cutter. I never understood cutters. Why would you willingly hurt yourself? Teenagers go through so many changes in such a short time they do all sorts of crazy things. But if I had a friend who was a cutter I would do everything in my power to help them. Maybe set them up a meeting with a psychiatrist, a priest or anyone else. Dunno, do something. I certainly wouldn’t keep it to myself.

Because she grew up without a father and her mother is never around she is suffering from the syndrome of invisible parents. She drinks, hooks up, basically does whatever she wants. This is the second thing I didn’t like about the book. I hate it, but the reality is that many parents don’t take care of their children. Sadly there will never be cure for that disease until people grow up and start to discipline them. I am sorry if I am too preachy I just can’t help myself with this kind of things. Aside from that Grace was a new enjoyable voice in YA literature. Sure she was insecure but who wasn’t at seventeen?

What I liked about this book was that the writing style pretty much reminds me of-me. My friends probably know this is true and they are laughing because I get easily distracted with just the most insignificant thing and start talking about it, abandoning the previous topic or simply inserting it in-between. I know, I sound like a mental patient.

Ending was kind of left in the dark. It was open to interpretation and predictable but I didn't have a problem with it. It worked great. I know this review is showing more negative aspects of the book, but trust me, it was freaky and I couldn't put it down. Overall, if you are a fan of realistic novel with a touch of mystery you will enjoy Entangled.