Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson *sigh* Not very good.

I picked this book up because all of my GR friends who have read it gave Hunting Lila 4 or 5 star rating. But still I went and read it without any expectations. The first half of the book was boring and the same dialog was going over and over again. Lila was like Jack(the brother)what do you do? -I am in a secret government military unit. -So what do you actually do? - I can't tell you. -Why not? -If I tell you,then I'm gonna have to kill you. -Jack,please tell me. And like that maybe four or five times and not only with Jack but with Alex also.

It was disappointing. Lila is on the run from some dudes with super powers so she and Alex(her crush) go to the mall to buy some clothes because they didn't had any(except the ones on them,duh!). And since you are on the run you probably shouldn't buy impractical things,such as,listen to this - FLIP-FREAKING-FLOPS!!! WTF did she got that?! How are you suppose to run in those,you dumbass? I mean,talk about stupidity.

A little piece of advise: The next time you decide to leave London,or where ever the f*** you've been,try and talk to your dad and not run of like a wanted mass murderer to California. Sure,she did leave a note to the housekeeper. How thoughtful of you. And please be sure to call your bro and let him know you are actually coming and not just send him an email. What if he didn't check his account? Also,after your bro finds your ass at the airport don't start thinking about your crush 5 seconds afterwards. Obviously,she came to Cali just to get it on with Alex who FYI is not very special. She was staring at him the whole time. Ugh! What did I expect. After all she is a sixteen-year-old hormonal girl trying to hump a twenty-something-guy.


Don't know why I gave this book 2 star rating in the end. I could easily go for 1. I admit,I have a problem with paranormal books and can't deal with certain things such as making all the wrong choices and insta-romance. But I won't be that mean. 2 stars will remain because there were two less annoying characters like Suki and Nathan.